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Cold plasma as a weapon against covid-19: the study of the University of Padua on the Jonix solution

A research conducted by the team of Professor Andrea Crisanti has demonstrated the effectiveness of the solution adopted by the company specializing in air cleaning solutions

Jonix is a company whose shares are equally divided between the Archa laboratories and the Padua-based HiRef , a company specialized in cooling systems for data centers that researches technological solutions for the sanitation of environments. Jonix has recently developed a technology based on the phenomenon of ionization, Non Thermal Plasma (Ntp), which has proved effective in the fight against the coronavirus: the tests carried out at the Department of Molecular Medicine by a team led by Andrea Crisantihave shown that this cold plasma technology has «an effective antiviral activity against Sars-CoV-2 with a reduction of the viral load equal to 99.99% after only 30 minutes of exposure; this suggests that the achievement of the reduction required by the technical standards may also take place in considerably shorter times ".

Ntp is based on ionization, a physical phenomenon generated at room temperature uses air as a gaseous mixture transforming it into an ionized gas made up of various electrically charged particles: electrons, ions, atoms and molecules that colliding with each other produce oxidizing species, the reactivity of particles then causes oxidation phenomena capable of disaggregating volatile organic compounds, bacteria, microorganisms, odors.

We knew the power of cold plasma in fighting viruses, bacteria and pathogens», explains Mauro Mantovan , founder of HiRef and president of Jonix, «but having the scientific validation on Covid-19 was a fundamental step for us. The analysis of a prestigious certifier such as the University of Padua allows us to continue to work to design increasingly advanced products, exploiting all the possibilities that modern technology offers us ».

"We have been promoting the 'culture of sanitizing' air for years," said Mina Bustreo , Jonix's commercial and marketing director. «Working and living in a healthy environment has great socio-economic consequences. And now, with the pandemic, it becomes even more essential to avoid conditions of real risk. We are happy to be able to contribute to improving the air we breathe in schools, libraries, retirement homes and other public buildings

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