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Sanitising the air in your home and professional environments: which device should you choose?

Professional and domestic: the areas of use for Jonix ionisers

The first distinction to be made is between home use and professional use. In a domestic environment, the ideal product is the Cube: small and aesthetically pleasing, powerful and effective, thanks to the two cold plasma generators, it sanitises home spaces up to 80 m2 (861 ft2) / 240mc (8475 ft3) and has no contraindications, does not use chemicals and does not generate residual substances. Jonix Cube eliminates up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, moulds and allergens from the air in your home environments, reduces VOCs, volatile pollutants deriving from furnishings and construction work (paints, adhesives, cements etc.). It also quickly removes all types of unpleasant odours!

In the professional field, this is more important because in order to choose it is necessary to evaluate the incidence of 3 main factors: the cubic volume of the spaces to be sanitised, the type of activity carried out, the number, frequency of foot traffic and stay of people. Our technicians, experts in the air treatment and business sectors, will be able to advise you, based on the assessments of the three factors indicated, whether or not if you should use one or more Cube, small but powerful, or to install a device from the Steel line or from the Mate line.

How to choose the sanitising device that best suits your needs

Domestic environment: the Cube is ideal for those who want to have the certainty of a constantly sanitised environment, in which all those who suffer from respiratory, allergic or asthma problems, children and the elderly can find well-being and relief. In fact, the Cube can be used continuously even with people around. Its constantly activity, in addition to sanitising, generates a correct ionisation of the air which favours the respiratory functions and the absorption of oxygen to the body.

With the protection and promotion of health in the workplace in view, the choice is broadened to meet the most diverse needs. First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between the various types of activities:

  • activities in which airborne substances (lacquers, fixatives, perfumes) are used, such as beauty salons and hairdressers, but also workshop where paints or adhesives are used;

  • activities in which a very high standard of environmental hygiene is necessary (food production or medical-health sector, including veterinarians);

  • activities in which people are constantly entering and leaving the premises (shops, banks, offices open to the public)

  • activities in which several people are present at the same time for long periods of time in a permanent way (offices, coworking, artisan workshops).

It is necessary to keep in mind that the higher the concentration of substances in the air (not only viruses, but also chemicals) the greater the sanitising power required, even for smaller spaces.

For example, a Cube will suffice for a library of 180m3 (6356 ft3), while for a hairdressing salon of the same volume it would be more appropriate to use two, because the concentration of pollutants that saturate the air is considerably greater.

Some other things to consider: the volume of the space that needs to be sanitised (the total cubic meters/cubic feet of air) and how these spaces are divided up. An open space, for example, has different needs compared to an environment divided into several rooms (such as a clinic that includes a waiting room, an actual clinic for checkups, a dressing room and a bathroom, separated from each other by walls or dividers).

For complex needs, both in terms of dimensions and hygiene standards, our technicians can recommend Steel devices or the Mate line.  

The Steel line is available in 4 versions, to sanitise spaces from 105 m3 (3708 ft3) to 2000 m3 (70629 ft3), they can also be installed in limited spaces and fixed to the wall or ceiling.

The biocidal activity and neutralisation of polluting substances is effective already after the first hours of starting up the machine. The continuous operation of the device prevents the spread of bacterial contaminations generated during various activities. Jonix Maximate, Mate and Minimate are mobile devices with three levels of dust filtration (G4+F7+H13) and with its sanitation function done with Non-Thermal Plasma technology, they guarantee complete filtration of suspended dust and the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and moulds. The Mate line filters the air in an absolute way, sanitises it and returns it to the environment, in a continuous cycle (watch the video). For those who need to eliminate bacteria, moulds, viruses, pollutants and odours from internal ducting surfaces, air treatment units and plenums of controlled mechanical ventilation systems, the solution is Jonix Inside, decontamination devices with an aesthetic design and advanced cold plasma technology.

Installation and maintenance of Jonix ionisers: it’s simple and quick

Many people ask us if to be able to use our ionisers, in particular Steel and Mate, they need to complete training courses, have specialised technicians or specific skills. The answer is no: all our devices have very simple and quick installation and maintenance procedures, both for general cleaning and replacement of generators.

As for the Cube you can do everything yourself: removing the generators to clean them with a damp cloth or replacing them is extremely easy and takes a few minutes. Even for the Steel and Mate lines, everything is much simpler, you can be supported by an electrician during the installation phases, for greater safety and precision in the electrical connections, but after that you can set up everything independently, as well as managing the maintenance and replacement of the generators.

  • Watch the video on Watch the video on  Cube maintenance

  • Watch the video on maintenance for the Steel 1C; 2C and 4C; 2F and 4F

  • Watch the video on Mate and Minimate maintenance

To ensure peak performance, our devices must be correctly sized and positioned. To find out which Jonix ioniser is most suitable for your workplace, fill out precisely and accurately the questionnaire we have prepared. Within 10 working days our expert will send you his technical opinion

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