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Airy is a sanitizer for the air and the surfaces. It is a component based device that can be integrated into other equipment to reduce the microbial load and to purify the air.


Compact solution applicable within other devices (OEM) and apparatus. We have developed over years a range of applications for blast chillers, fan coil units, home or industrial exhaust hoods, air knives, furniture compartments (kitchen, walk-in closets, bathrooms), etc.

CE marked and TUV Product certified.

* The volume can change depending on the quality of the air and the load present in the volume to be treated



Eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses and pollutants including Covid-19  ( 99.9%)

Dimension: 167 x 87 x 43 mm

Weight:  0.7 kg
Power: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz
Consumption: 3W

Coverage Volume: 10m3

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