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Expansion Electronic


In 1981, Giannantonio Nardotto had the idea of producing active electrostatic filters for integration inside air purifiers that could then be supplied to public places and guarantee a good indoor air quality to people. In fact, he understood the central role and importance of air purification for the growth of society, the technological development and the protection of the individual. It was a brave idea and many did not believe in the success of his project.

The active electrostatic filter he designed, represented the first step towards the establishment of a company that today in 2022, after forty years, stands out as a market leader in the production of electronic filters for air hygiene and purification.

It is incredible to think of the technological innovation of product and application that the company has had during its evolution. The company's core business, following the regulatory changes that have taken place worldwide, over the years, has focused more on the research and development of active electronic filters for implementation inside Air Handling Units and Rooftops. Thanks to perseverance and continuous innovation, Expansion Electronic is now able to provide 360 ° solutions for residential, industrial and food applications, responding to the growing needs of the market and the increasingly stringent international standards.

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