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Certifications guarantee yields and product performance and are a tool that drives companies to reliable and high-quality choices. To guarantee what said before and to demonstrate once again the reliability and the excellence of Expansion Electronic’s products, our active electrostatic filters were tested by independent and international authorities such as for example the Hygiene Institute of Air ILH of Berlin, Polytechnic of Turin and the Technical Research Institute SP of Sweden. These authorities released the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 16890 classifies the air filters on the basis of their ability to retain the dispersed airborne particulate matter (PM10, PM2,5 and PM1) -  EN ISO 16890 CERTIFICATION BROCHURE WITH COMPARATIVE TABLES AND FORMULAS

  • UL867 is a U.S. standard that relates to the safety of equipment and specifically deals with the Safety of Electrostatic Air Filters. MORE INFORMATIONS

  • UNI 11254:2007 classifies the Expansion Electronic filters in four filtration grades (A, B, C, D)

  • EN 1822:2005 certfies the Expansion Electronic filters as Absolut Filter, that is class E10-E11

  • ILH BERLIN certifies the hygienic and antibacterial effects of Expansion Electronic electrostatic filters that eliminate 99% of molds and bacteria from the air

  • Certification of the University of Lucerne certifies the non-release of the particulates and particles captured and deposited on the electrostatic filter if the ventilation unit and / or the filter itself switches off

  • Science Partner Swedish technical institute certifies the ozone emissions of our electrostatic filters which are the lowest in the category, that is five times lower than the levels established by the WHO

  • Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia certifies the abatement of molds, microbes and bacteria in the air and inside the air distribution channels by the combination of electrostatic filters and negative ionization

  • CRN, National Research Council, certifies the reduction efficiency of airborne pollutants between 80 and 100% of Expansion Electronic air purifiers with active electrostatic filter

  • CETIAT, Center Technique Des Industries Aérauliques Et Thermiques, certifies the efficiency of the C series purifiers on particles with sizes between 0.5 and 0.8 microns

  • BSRIA classifies the air purifiers with active electrostatic filter model Idillium 170 according to the S22/99 specifications.


The machines and plants manufactured by EXPANSION ELECTRONIC are distributed all over the world thanks to its efficient network of distributors. The research into the finest materials and components and the drive towards continuous technological evolution, in order to constantly assure maximum reliability, have generated a number of important references that add value and prestige to our products and our company.

We are very proud of this as it allows us to address the new challenges of the future with optimism and acts as a guarantee for our customers who put their total trust in us.

 Have a look on what the European Commission says about our FE SYSTEM Active Electronic Filters


The retrofit action aims to improve the current condition, both in terms of energy performance and comfort, of the existing conditioning or ventilation plants with the consequence to have a new qualification of the building.
Retrofit operations, especially in the civil sector, predict the electrostatic filter’s application that ensure very high energy efficiency thanks to their technology construction, the increased filtration efficiency and the reduction of management cost. Usually the FE SYSTEM electrostatic precipitators are installed in AHUs or Rooftops. 
Finally, thanks to the material with which were built (aluminium), the filters can be easily regenerate through a simple washing process and its life cycle is about 15/20 years.

Plants characteristics with Electrostatic precipitators (electrostatic filters):
• high efficiency, on the top of E class filtration according to EN 1822 (E10 - E11) till to 2 m/s of speed velocity on the electronic filter;
• low costant pressure drop, compared to the pocket filters currently in use;
• maximum performance linearity (efficiency, pressure drop) during the operative life;
• maximum extension of the operative life (high load capacity in terms of weight of retained pollutants).
These are the basic features, to which is added an extremely important plus: an efficient antifungal and antibacterial action, in order to avoid the proliferation of bacteria colonies and molds in certain favourable conditions of temperature and humidity, often encountered in typical treatment plants air. For these reasons, and in order to reduce environmental impact, Expansion Electronic has implemented a retrofit’s action that allows you to replace the normal mechanical filters with those of new electrostatic generation one.

The advantages are mainly two:
- The lower energy consumption, “energy saving” given by the lower pressure drop and then the re-sizing of existing ventilation fan systems. Thanks to this action is guaranteed a good reduction in CO2 emissions.
- A considerable reduction of the amount of non-recyclable material.


The active electrostatic filter is an high-precision filter, composed by noble materials and it is not designated to a “disposable” use. The higher initial cost will be amortized over time (around 2 years) due to:
• Lower energy consumption with an elevate Indoor Air Quality.
• Lower maintenance costs;
• No cost for the replacement of the filter.

We calculated the return of investment taking into account the two different filtration technologies, electrostatic filter and mechanical.
We used the international formula developed by Eurovent for the electric power (Kw/h). During the evaluation of the cost is easy to understand that there is a significant investment for using electrostatic filters than the mechanics one, but this investment is offset by the large energy savings resulting in lower cost of electricity and with consequently less maintenance costs/replacement of filters. Mechanical filters must be replaced at least three times per year and this means a big economic expenditure.
The range of FE SYSTEM electronic filters generates a saving on energy costs equal to 30%. Reliability and performance of Expansion Electronic filters ensure low operating costs throughout the entire life of the plant. We can guarantee a quick return on investment estimated at about 2 years.



the new range of electronic air filters FE SYSTEM, could be installed in: 

- air handling units (electrostatic filter for AHU);

- rooftop (electrostatic filter for Rooftop);

- ventilation ducts.

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