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Globo is a sanitization unit designed for the residential environment, simple and practical to use. A minimalist and powerful style, it is available in 4 different colours to suit any interior design: total white, total black, white/black and white/bronze

Simply switch it on and place it where there are no objects to obstruct its operation, by placing it on a piece of furniture or on the wall. With this new product, Bioxigen has designed and produced a device to combat viruses and bacteria, allergies and internal pollutants, invisible, yet as dangerous as we have seen in recent years.

Room volumes recommended:.90-180 m³



Eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses and pollutants including Covid-19  ( 99.9%)

Dimension:  215 mm x 190mm
Weight:  1.3 Kg
Power: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz
Consumption: 8.4W

Coverage Volume: 180m3

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