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About Alnor  

The company ALNOR Systemy Wentylacji Sp. z o.o. was founded in the year 1994 as a producer of spiro ventilation ducts. Since then Alnor is an industry leader in the Polish and Europe market with well over 25 years of experience.

In the year 2004 ALNOR moved to the modern plant in Wola Mrokowska close to Warsaw, which allow us to expand our productions to a wider spread of products, ie variable air volume regulators, rectangular ducts and ventilation accessories.


Dynamic organization, excellent terms of cooperation, modern plant facilities and innovative undertakings guarantee that ALNOR is a one of the faster growing companies in the ventilation industry.

Working Principle of a VAV regulator

In the age of energy-saving buildings and innovative solutions, new developments are made for mechanical ventilation systems as well. One of such solutions is the variable air volume control (VAV) which has gained popularity in the recent years. The major advantages of this solution is the lower amount on energy spent on pretreating the supply air to meet the required parameters (heaters or coolers).  

What is a VAV regulator?

Compared to constant air volume control solutions (CAV), it is possible to supply exactly the required amount of air to selected zones/facilities. The parameters influencing the amount of supplied air may be heat gains (temperature), or for example CO2 concentration. 

The main components of the VAV installations are VAV regulator, also referred to as flow regulators and terminal boxes. These units mostly act as adjusters – they adapt the air flow in the ventilation duct depending on the received signal. 

How does a VAV regulator work?

The operating principle relies on exact air flow speed measurement. The measurement is carried out on the accumulating element, for example, a flange or a measuring profile. 

Alnor Ventilation Systems has introduced VAV volume regulators into its product offer. The RAVAV regulator is dedicated to forced ventilation systems and is an important component for installations with variable air flow.

The airflow regulator consists of three basic components:

  • round casing with regulating damper,

  • measuring system,

  • actuator, regulator and sensor.

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