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Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma technology  

Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology sanitises environments by exploiting the decontaminating properties of the air when activated by controlled energy, produced by the special patented Jonix NTP generators. The air-activated is characterized by “excited” molecules (Reactive Species) that attack the polluting molecules – breaking them down – and microorganisms, causing them structural and functional damage such as to inactivate them (biocidal and virucidal action).  

Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology eliminates a wide variety of pollutants such as viruses (including Covid-19), bacteria, moulds, allergens, volatile chemical compounds and all types of odours from the air and surfaces.  


A choice of value, effectiveness and sustainability  

Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology is perfectly consistent with Jonix values: it is safe, effective, and advanced. It does not use chemicals, it does not release residues in the environments, it has a low energy consumption compared to its significant sanitising power. It is an extremely versatile technology that can be used to treat air and surfaces, in any type of environment, regardless of size and use (medicalprofessionalhomeschoolbeautyfoodtourism and restaurantsmuseum).  

Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology transforms the air that people breathe indoors. And breathing clean air can change your life: it prevents infections from airborne diseases, improves the well-being of people, including the most vulnerable ones (immunosuppressed, the elderly, children, people with allergies, asthma or respiratory problems) continuously, without side effects or contraindications and helps prevent diseases and disorders related to the presence of pollutants in closed environments (Sick Building Syndrome).  


Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma technology for a greener future  

But Jonix is not just an air and surface treatment: with Jonix Non-Thermal Plasma Technology we have studied and developed a technology that can really improve people's quality of life with the least possible impact on energy and environmental resources.  

We are investing in projects that look to a not too distant but truly sustainable future: we are working on domestic micro-greenhouses for self-cultivation, on water purification and vertical agriculture projects in a protected environment, to produce vegetables, without the use of fertilizers and chemical products. The goal is to enhance the genetic potential of plants with a more efficient use of irrigation water and control of their nutrition.  

We always look at the problems of the present with an eye to the future, because we know that solving emergencies is not enough, it is necessary to work to prevent critical issues, studying in the medium and long term the potential of the tools we have available and constantly validating their safety, effectiveness and impact. 

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