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Mistral was designed for Ceiling and Wall mount. Characterised by a minimalist design, it is arranged for a quick installation on ceiling or in plasterboard tiles.

Mistral is suitable for medium and large environments such as offices, waiting rooms, gyms or in generally  crowded places. Through the quartz condenser inserted, it releases active oxygen ions (cold plasma) that can purify the air and surfaces from bacteria and mold, neutralize unpleasant odors and decompose harmful substances which are normally present in the environment. It is equipped with a ventilation system and a remote control for manual or automatic control at a distance, the internal sensor constantly analyzes the pollution load and adjusts the flow in auto-sense mode.

Room volumes recommended: 420 m³



Eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses and pollutants including Covid-19  ( 99.9%)

Dimension:  475 mm x 475 mm x 180mm
Weight:  7.5 Kg
Power: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz
Consumption: 37W

Coverage Volume: 420m3

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