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Air and surface sanitiser specially designed for installation in confined spaces and especially in lift cabins.The device constantly reduces bacteria, mould, viruses (including COVID-19), chemical pollutants and odours with perfect sanitisation. It has no contraindications for the health of the elderly, children, pregnant women and animals who remain in the sanitised environment.

A compact and powerful solution for small, highly frequented spaces, equipped with a steel metal case for insertion in lift cabins or passenger compartments. Flexi is a 24/24 continuous surface and air sanitisation unit that uses Bioxigen ionisation technology to make time spent inside lifts, changing rooms or public transport safer.CE marked and TUV certified product.



Eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses and pollutants including Covid-19  ( 99.9%)

Dimension: 310 x 110 x 71 mm

Weight:  1.6 kg
Power: 230 V / 1 Ph / 50 Hz
Consumption: 3W

Coverage Volume: 40m3

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