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Good indoor air quality starts here with AireFusion.  We have the expertise and air handling products that you need  to improve indoor air quality of air-conditioned buildings, offices and homes. We believe good indoor air quality can lead to improved productivity and better health.

Here at Airfusion, we provide proven Air Cleaning Technologies that can eliminate, reduce regular pollutants such as fine dust particulate, Volatile Organic Compounds and also Microbes, (such as bacteria, virus, molds etc).  These technologies are not harmful to humans when operated.


Your Trusted Air Sanitizing Company

AireFusion is a distributor of air sanitizing products and materials.  We represent several established European brands. Our customers are our number one priority, and we’re committed to helping them successfully implement their Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) strategies and solutions. 

Our product range includes IAQ solutions for homes, commercial buildings, offices, food processing plants and hospitals.

At AireFusion, our professional team of IAQ experts are on hand to provide customers with recommendations and guidance on solving indoor air quality problems.


Our solutions are green and sustainable not to mention cost effective. Contact us to see how our products and assistance can help!

Cold Plasma (Non-Thermal Plasma) Technology

COLD PLASMA: an evolved form of ionization

Air ionization is a natural phenomenon which occurs spontaneously.

Using the Plasma Di-electric Barrier Discharge Tube, high density ions can be generated at room temperature.

This cold plasma method also consume less energy and is green and sustainable



Generates RONS - Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species.

Consists of : H2O2, NO3-, HNO2, N2O2, NO2-, OH-, NO, O2+, O, O3, N2, N2+, ONOO-, ONOOH, etc

Different species of atoms/ions inactivates different kind of bacteria / viruses.


What is Cold Plasma.jpg

Electronic Filter Technology

Electronic  Filters Operating Principles:

A bi-stage electronic filter is composed of an ionization section and a collection section.


Thanks to the aforementioned sections, through the action of electric fields, solid, liquid particles, pollen, bacteria, viruses (1) present in the air are removed.

The particles suspended in air are first electrically charged by special electrodes present in the ionization field (2).
Then the same charged particles, crossing the catchment field (3) consisting of blades or grids, remain firmly attached to them and are removed from the air.

As a result, purified air (4) is obtained at the outlet, without all the polluting elements.

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